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Bio: See your Harley‑Davidson® Dealership for particulars. Thank you for making your method to Queen City Harley-Davidson®, your licensed Harley-Davidson® vendor serving riders all through Fairfield and the surrounding areas. At our dealership, you'll discover a strong selection of new Harley-Davidson® on the market, in addition to a carefully inspected lineup of pre-owned bikes. We also have a well-connected finance center run by a professional group of finance experts, who can help you get the best mortgage or lease in a quick, straightforward, and transparent method. Thank you for making your method to Motown Harley-Davidson, your Harley-Davidson motorcycle supplier close to the Motor City, serving riders in Taylor, MI, the Detroit metro space, southeast Michigan as properly as northern Ohio.

Together we discover new associates to add to our household and build lifetime relationships for the pure love of motorcycling. Our passion grows and evolves each day as we educate others to support the heritage of the Harley-Davidson® Lifestyle.

Once you discover your next journey at our motorcycle store, our finance division can help you secure a mortgage in your bike purchase. You may even commerce inyour present bike and customise your payment plan that can help you get on the again of a new Harley-Davidson near Portland.

Options similar to color are available at additional cost. Prices exclude tax, title, licensing, registration fees, destination charges, surcharges , added accessories, and extra supplier charges, if any, and are subject to alter. Harley-Davidson reimburses sellers for performing manufacturer-specified pre-delivery inspection and setup tasks. Dealer costs might range. We provide a "Rider Rewards Membership" when people buy a motorcycle from us. This provides our loyal customers a possibility to save tons of up rewards points and put them towards a future purchase.

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