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Bio: Tap spacebar or left mouse click. Get a precise words per minute assessment from our 1 to 5 minute timed typing test! The website that provides you the measurement of your pressing rate within a fixed limit of time is called the space bar clicker or space bar counter. Just got an email 10 minutes ago from a colleague in regards to Quizzes.Next and Essay questions for students. Happened a couple weeks ago where there was no ability to space between words and she did the Helpdesk ticket, but then got a list of 10 questions that would be impossible to answer or have the kids try since it happens intermittently and usually during an assessment. So it went unresolved. And we use Chromebooks so we are stuck with that browser. Thank You. Removing the Activate “space bar” feature was exactly what I was looking for. It’s strange that would be a default. https://kazualgame.com/